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Video Animation

  • Explainer Videos
  • Whiteboard Animations
  • Motion Graphics
  • 2D Animated Videos
  • Screencast
  • Live Videos

Appealing Animated Videos that separate you
from your competition and give your clients one more reason to believe in you.

2D Character


With 2D animation you can getlimitless in its possibilities, work together with to attain a brand-specific look and feel to their design

Animated character is the best way to display a video script. Our custom 2D character animation experts adore giving you with an interactive video solution.

2D Graphics


Give clients reason to believe in you, we help your brand embrace challenge from competitors through appealing 2D Graphics Animation.

Animated Graphics engage viewers in gaining attention in your product or message. From small and startups to multinationals and other organizations 2D graphics animation is suitable for all growth oriented business.

Explainer Video


Boost your business with Explainer Video Animation that has power to refine your brand, promote products and educate customers

Nothing can explain your business goals more accurately to your customers than an animated explainer video. Come to our professionals and get solution for explainer video needs today.



Promote your business with more creativity with our Whiteboard animations, the best way to tell business goals in a simple video

Whiteboard animation is a distinctive, innovative and flexible way to explain a product, concept or an idea. So portrait your products in explanatory and vivid manner with whiteboard animation services offer by professionals at Creatives Aura.

Interactive 3D


Interact with your projects with our interactive 3D animation totake your business to new levels.

Bring more liveliness and reality in your animated videos with interactive 3D animation services that help you in promoting your business. Acquire a custom script for each of your interactive 3D animated videos.



Never fail to grab the audience attention with our best possible Typography Animation

Make words appears more attractive as never seen before with our exclusive custom typography animation services. Share your thoughts and script with us today.