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About Us

Inaugurated in 2019, Hashlob paved the way as one of the notable, trustworthy and diligent company with a diversied array ofsatised customers. We take charge of the non-core technological aspects of your business and provide a pioneering experience based on the latest technology, trends and innovations. Our ground-breaking digitalsolutions offer a dynamic technological panorama that encompasses all the branches of technology. Our technological expertise hasled usto embrace an extensive range ofsolutionsfor Food Chains, Technology, Telecommunications, Banking, FMCG, Media, Healthcare, Fashion, Skincare and Market Research with customized and tailored features as per the business requirements.


Bostan Group is a brainchild of Mr Malik Mohammad Bostan that laid its rst brick of establishment by stepping into the nancialsector in 1993. With an expansive range of groups, Bostan companiesforefrontsin nancial services, Golf Club, Agriculture & Livestock, Construction and Development, Platinum Visa Facilitation Services (PVFS), IT Services, Tours and Travels, Personal Care and Skin Care, Security Sevices and Discount Marketplace.
Bostan Group remains matchless with its competitive and innovative business expertise and provides unparalleled practices to its entire business forte.


An advanced technological hub that surpasses the norms and provides progressive,advanced and high tech services that deliver value, reliability and state-of-the-art servicesto our clients.


We aim to help our clientsreach their milestones by embedding innovation,precision and technological expertise, dynamic digital transformations.

Message From The CEO

Creating revolutionary digital experiences for our extensive clientele has been a long-term goal.
Hashlob firmly believes that it’sthe success of our customersthat ultimately playsthe pivotalsuccess of our company. And to make this possible, we dedicate our time to curate state of the art business solutions with continuous dedication, utmost commitment, upgraded technology and unsurpassable innovation. Hashlob focuses on setting moral grounds on integrity and transparency while we determinedly power our way through all the hurdles and obstaclesto reach the divine peaks of technological advancements.
We aim to lead the technological hub with an explosion of concepts and ideasto create dynamic technological advancementsin the future. On our journey to reach our road of achievements, we continue to provide scalable, transformational and extensive digital solutions.